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                 FLOOR SANDING

                  Woodstrippers CC, is a industrial floor sanding company.
                  We serve South-Africa from our base in Cape Town. we do
                  flooring, frames wooden ceilings, sliding windows, skirting,
                  shutters, doors  etc. bringing painted surfaces back to wood
                  is our specialty.
                  We restore old historic buildings, churches and government
                  heritage properties to its original state.

                  The wood-
                  stripping process will begin with removing all old
                  coatings with a  wood-stripping process.  If an item can
                  be effectively restored, we can determine which finishes
                  and textures are available for the desired look and  feel
                  of the restored wood. Finally, we repair and restore your
                  doors, windows and shutters to its former glory, ensuring
                  the highest quality craftsmanship and finish.




We work countrywide